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Yes, in a surprise turn of events, Axe Cop defeats his enemies with kindness.  Of course, that kindness leads to the utter horror and annihilation of an innocent planet of mice, but it's still a happy ending.  Not that this is THE end. There is still a couple pages left.

Malachai is with me right now.  He came down to Los Angeles with me to hang out and write some new material and go on adventures and stuff.  I am going to try to fulfill his dream of going to Lego Land next weekend.  We have a number of things on our plate while he is here. If you live in So Cal, come see us at Comikaze Expo or Riot LA.

We will also be checking out progress on the new animated series together.  We watched the first animatic for the fist episode together the other day and both agreed it was awesome.
  See you next week!



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