Riot LA!

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Hey Head Choppers,

If you live anywhere near the Los Angeles area, you should come down to Riot LA on Saturday.  As part of the festival, Malachai and I will be joining the Axe Cop TV series producer, Nick Weidenfeld for an “Ask Axe Cop” live discussion panel.  It's going to be a lot of fun.  More information on when and where is here.


I mentioned a couple weeks back that my engine in my car fried and I may do a commission sale to raise money to pay for it.  A couple days later a surprise royalty check for book sales came in that more than covered my expenses!  It was pretty amazing.  So I am going to hold off on the commission sale and save it for Christmas like I usually do.


Malachai has been here with me in Los Angeles for over a week now.  We have been working on new material.  THE DOGS only has one page left.  Once it is done, we will focus on Ask Axe Cop for a while.



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