That’s a Wrap!

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Alright, it took a while, but the tale of the Dogs has been told.  Thanks for sticking with us!


Malachai just returned home from spending two weeks with me.  We did a lot of writing together.  Started some new stories up, worked on a bunch of Ask Axe Cop questions, sold books and did panels at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR, Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, did a panel at Riot LA, did a couple interviews, played mini golf, went to Legoland, saw a magic show,spent $95 at the dollar store buying writing props… and we did homework because he took two weeks off of school to work on Axe Cop.


So what's next?  It's time to dive back into Ask Axe Cop.  I want to reach my goal of at least completing 100 of those things.  Who knows, we may do many more, but I want to make the 100 question goal.  So, since I just finished a story I am going to take one week off, then jump into weekly Ask Axe Cop comics. 


On another note, not that he needs my help, but my good friend Doug TenNapel is doing a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to do a 250 page hardcover sketchbook project.  He's already surpassed his goal but if this looks cool to you, you should back it!  This further inspires me to try to to do my own Kickstarter project some day soon.



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