Commision Sale 3!

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What a week!  If you read the last blog, you saw the new animated sample of the Axe Cop animated series, due to air on FOX Saturday nights next summer!  I also mentioned I just got engaged.  My life is kind of amazing right now.  However, despite all this success, life is expensive and Christmas is right around the corner (and so is a wedding!) so I am once again having a commission sale!


Please take this opportunity to buy some original art from me!  I do it all in one big art frenzy and it usually ends up being some of my best original art. Also, this is the last time I will do one of these sales before the TV show comes out.  There is a chance things will be so hectic by next year I won't have time to do this, so if you want a piece of Axe Cop art, now is the time!  I am pretty flexible about requests and I think the only charcater I would refuse to draw for you would be Every Man from President of the World #3, that is, unless you paid me a million dollars.  Check out the gallery of some of last year's favorites.


Today's episode of Ask Axe Cop features owls.  They are a pain to draw and I admit I used a lot of photo reference.  I like this episode and I look forward to seeing the owls help Axe Cop on a night mission someday.  I don't look forward to drawing it, but I look forward to it regardless.


I'm going to post that video one more time for good measure.  Please share the heck out of it!




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