The Secret SECRET Basement

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Alright, another Ask Axe Cop!  These things can end up being more work than I bargained for because I end up trying to cram as much of Malachai's answer on the page as I can and I realize later I was drawing really small.  When you draw digital you can zoom in, and it's easy to get carried away with detail and not realize it.

This particular episode actually came out of one of the questions thr teamof writers on the Axe Cop TV show had for Malachai.  Throughout the process of writing the episodes, we would run into questions for Malachai. Sometimes I would call him right there and put him on speaker, and other times i would wait and call him that evening and write down the answers.  This was an answer I liked a lot, though we never ended up using it in the show.  I think they just wanted a town name, something like Axeville.  Not this long answer that totally complicates the Axe Cop universe and conflicts with some of Axe Cop's past descriptions of his living situation.  For those of you who are troubled by these conflicts, I'd say it is likely that what we were told was a typical day for Axe Cop is still mostly true, except it was probably that very living situation that led to the creation of secret town.  Axe Cop just got sick of fixing the windows and only sleeping for two minutes every night.  In fact I am pretty sure Axe Cop still only sleeps two minutes.  He does have to work the always shift.


Another tidbit, I will be on the Carson Daly show tomorrow night, November 7th. 


And here is a friendly reminder, after you vote, if you are American, don't forget to take advantage of my  commission sale!


 Check out the gallery of some of last year's favorites.


The sale ends on November 18th, so please pur your order in before that.  I'm going to be tossing some extra goodies in with the higher paying orders.  I have some comics I could sign, stickers, stuff like that.
Alright, well, enjoy the rest of your day, I'm sure that you, like me, are excited for your Facebook feed to not be all about the election. 

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