Horn Limitations

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I know that it is possible the rules and boundaries set in this episode of Ask Axe Cop have been broken in the past.  I'm not sure how Axe Cop's universe works, but it is possible that the god of that universe changes his mind sometimes and changes things around now and then to keep things interesting. I think we all knew that, for Axe Cop's story to remain interesting the unicorn horns needed to have some limits.  I was actually surprised Malachai wanted to give the horns limits.  I think it is a sign that he is growing up that he realized it is good to set boundaries on things.


Anybody catch me on Carson Daly last week?  Keep an eye on NBC, they should post the video soon. 


And here is another friendly reminder to take advantage of my annual  commission sale!  This could be my last one if the TV show has a super-busyfing effect on my life.  It is true I often do these sales out of financial desperation and this year is no different.  Your order will arrive prior to Christmas so it's a great gift to give someone for the holidays.  Thanks in advance to those who order one, and big thanks to those who already have!  Sale ends November 19th!



 Check out the gallery of some of last year's favorites.


That's all for now.  I am working on the next Axe Cop story.  I am working on it while I work on wedding planning, and the two are actually going to tie together.  More on that later.  Thanks for reading!


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