Commissions: One more week!

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Well, though I just shipped off all the commissions that were ordered during the 20 day sale, I have had a lot of people showing interest in them since I have been posting a bunch of them on my Instagram.  So I am re-opening the sale for one more week.  I'll close sales again on December 18th.  Some of this is literally the best ink and brush art I have ever done.  For a lot of these commissions the buyer got a lot more time and effort than they paid for because I got so into the drawing I spent a lot of extra time on it.  I am pretty much up for drawing anything as long as it is not obscene, and I won't do character designs based on your ideas. It needs to be stuff that exists.  I will draw you or someone you love.  Or at least I will do my best.  If you must have your commission in time for Christmas let me know and we can try to make sure that happens.


Today's Ask Axe Cop episode was from an answer I dug up from some notes over a year old.  I liked the mythology of Mt. Saint Helens, the giant toymaker and the indians.  I also was still in ink and brush mode, so I decided to do another episode in traditional ink with some sumi wash for gray tones.  Still rough but I'm having fun.  


If you are interested in buying a larger, more detailed piece of Axe Cop art, I have this 14×17 walnut ink painting of Axe Cop and Wexter, and this one of Axe Cop and Flute Cop.  I'll post more detailed pics soon. If you are interested in buying the original pieces send me an email through the contact page.


Also, if you haven't seen it yet, the new weekly Axe Cop animated comic has started on the new Rugburn channel on Youtube.  Check it out here, share it, and subscribe so you don't miss out on the new weekly video.  



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