Rugburn is Live!

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The new weekly motion comics series has begun!  Episode one is now up:




I know that for a lot of you, you've seen this first episode done a number of times in various forms of motion comic, live action, interpretive dance…. you name it.  But this is just the first.  Six Point Harness, the animation studio that is partnered with Titmouse animation to create content for the Rugburn channel is animating tons of episodes and they will come out weekly.  So next week, episode 2 and so on.  I've seen early versions of some of the later episodes and these guys get it right.  The cool thing about the motion comics for me is that they are verbatim, straight from the comics.  No reinterpretation or reformatting for TV.  I love the voices they've cast and I like how Flute Cop does a little solo when he introduces himself.

So stay tuned, we will be posting a new episode weekly.  I did the voice of the Vampire Manbabykid, so you have that to look forward to.


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