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I wish I had time to say more about this page, but I have  to get over to the Axe Cop TV show writing room.  I think Axe Cop is rare among super heroes being a divorced man.  Definitely being a man who has been divorced by a president of the United States.  That letter is verbatim what Malachai told me to write, including the part about the zoo, Axe Cop's response, and the fact that Abe likes to look at the elephants.  Malachai had new clue that the Elephant is the animal symbol of the Republican Party, he just took a wild guess at what Abe Lincoln's favorite animal would be.  Divorce is a pretty big reality in our family.  Without it, we wouldn't have Malachai here, since my Dad was divorced by my mom and that is what led to Malachai being born. 


I can tell you this.  This is not the last we will see of Abe Lincoln.



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