Getting Married

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One commenter on the last episode put it together, and here it is.  You wondered how in the world anyone could convince Axe Cop to get married, and here it is.  He was tricked into a catch 22 situation where he either pays exhorbatant prices for ice cream or adopts two mutant children.  Axe Cop of course chose the latter, but with his values and desire not to spend all his time being a dad decides he is going to have to get married.  Next episode?  The Abe Lincoln question is answered and we find out what happened between Axe Cop and old Abe.  If you haven't read that episode in a while, now is a good time to refresh your memory.


Things are going pretty good over at  I am very thankful for all the orders so far and people who have emailed me.  I also really appreciate the comments on the blog I posted last Friday about the fame threshold.  


I have been in the writing room on the Axe Cop TV series since last week every day and it is going really well.  It is really fun digging through all the accumulated Axe Cop material and digging up ideas for TV episodes.  We have also been calling Malachai on a regular basis to get his input on the stories.  I have a feeling that a lot of people will be quick to assume that new material and characters in the TV series is stuff the adult writers wedged in, but we have done a good job of going to Malachai on this stuff and getting his input.  So even when old stories have been rewritten, Malachai has been involved in those changes and revisions.  Well, I need to draw some more pages. If you live in the UK I will be at Animex soon.  Check it out in the Appearances section, I'm excited for my first trip to the UK!



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