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I love posting two pages a week!  It's twice as much work but so fun to keep things coming like this.  You are probably wondering where Axe Cop is… well, he'll be here next week.  Our little introduction to Max and Sam is done and now we get to the story of Axe Cop, and why the heck he gets married.  We will also be exploring his past relationship with Abe Lincoln.  I'm excited.


I wrote a blog post over at AxeCopWedding.com answers the little bit of criticism I have gotten by people who think I am far too successful and make plenty of money and have no need to “crowd fund” my wedding.  The post is really for any aspiring creator who believes in the concept that there is certain level of fame you can achieve and be set for life.  I used to believe it too, and it's good to know the reality.  So if you are one of those people who assumed I was pretty well off, and that Malachai has a playground made of gold encrustd slides and a sandbox full of bling, please give it a read.  It is not a plea for sympathy, only to clear up this misconception that because lot of people read this free web comic we are somehow rich.


The Rugburn animated comics are on a short season break for four weeks, but when they return prepare for the Moon Warriors.  Also, prepare for the Vampire ManBabyKid, because I got to do its voice.  Thanks for reading!




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