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It's exciting when in the same day I am posting a new page, just before I head into the writing room for the TV show and today Mtv Geek released this image from ToyFare of the Axe Cop toys I have had to keep my lips sealed about for a while now…



these are actially all pending approval (i hadn't even seen the plushies yet!), so the final toys may not look exactly like this.  They are awesome though and I'm excited to hold one in my grubby little hand.


Well, commenting was already enough of a pain on this site, but I finally got trolled this last weekend and had to change the settings.  Now I unfortunately have to wade through all the spam comments and approve comments before they can be posted.  I have no problem with people who have differing opinions, but people who want to be demeaning and rude need to go somewhere else.  If anyone feels like they are skilled with Expression Engine and wants to try to help me fix the problem so the site is not so hard to comment on, send me an email.  For now, you may not see your comment after you post it for a while.  I want to switch over to a comic press site like Bearmageddon at some point, but that is a massive project that will cost a lot of time and money, but it will be nice to have better control and accessibility on the comments.  i know a lot of web comics friends who just shut the comments off.  I don't really want to have to resort to that, I like the interaction and in the four years the site has been up, this wasreally  the first troll we've had.  I'd say that's pretty impressive and shows that Axe Cop has a quality audience in general.  


Well the next couple weeks I'll be in the writing room again.  the TV show is looking awesome!  Can't wait for people to see it.  Life is going to be crazy this month.  Please check out my wedding campaign to buy original art and other rare items I am selling to help fund my wedding in May.  Thanks for readin, and thanks for not being a troll.


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