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We are covering a lot of new ground for Axe Cop here.  I am sure people will wonder where a lot of this stuff is coming from, because it's true, Malachai did not script these scenes.  A lot of this stuff he described to me in simpler terms and I pieced together the dialog from various sources.  For instance, some of the dialog here between Axe Cop and the Rainbow Princess is from conversations Malachai has had with my future step daughter, Lily, who is his same age.  She asked Malachai while he was dressed as Axe Cop why he fights bad guys and he slouched back, annoyed, sighing indignantly and answered just as Axe Cop did here.  As if it was the dumbest question he had ever heard.  Malachai looked at the drawing i did of the Rainbow Princess and said her pigtails are dumb, so i used that.


Well I will see Malachai in a couple days.  We will be speaking at Web Visions in New York on Friday.  It's going to be a really fun event and you should definitely come.  Our whole family will be there.  My Dad pursued an opera career in New York before I was ever born and has talked about his time there our whole lives.  It will be fun to  go back to the city he's talk so much about and spend some time as a family.  I am going to try to keep updates posting during this trip.  I may post a guest episode, we'll see.  Thanks for reading!



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