The Perfect Match

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i don't know how you feel. I know that this Axe Cop story is going a lot of new places, but I also feel like it is going a lot of old places.  I am loving it.  It is sort of like 8 year old Malachai is revisiting the concepts of 5 year old Malachai and starting to confront his more developed ideas about life and relationships.  I feel like this is one of those Axe Cop stories where every page stands alone and is just fun in itself.  I think some people are nervous that a story about Axe Cop getting married is “jumping the shark” but I think it's hiarious and fascinating to see Axe Cop attempting to seek “love” even though he still just wants to fight bad guys and not kiss and hug girls.


I spoke at Animex this week and it went really well.  This was only me second college lecture and it went great.  I think I could get used to the occasional lecture, it is a lot of fun and most of the time once I finish talking to a room about Axe Cop they all want to buy the book immediately after I'm done.  I'm actually still in the UK right now, that is why Americans will be getting this page much earlier than usual.  


Hats off to Kailey for single-handedly keeping up with the strenuous task of coloring two pages per week. Some of these pages are pretty complicated and she is keeping up and doing quality work.  I'm excited to keep this story going.  It's one of my favorites.


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