9 Ben!

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We get asked this question somewhat often, so it was fun to reimagine the 9 leftover Ben-Matnga as adults.  A lot more work to draw too.  The original designs were out of my resistance to drawing 10 characters on a team.  So much work!  I embraced it a ittle more this time, but if I ever have to draw these guys in a story I'll kill myself.


I'm pretty whiped out because I am working on the TV show right now on top of many other things.  Hope you enjoyed today's comic.  Here is more progress on the print.  If you want ot buy a copy of it (limited to 200, signed, numbered, 18×24 screen print) go here.


Also cool, check out these comparison shots from the 2nd live action Axe Cop video made by Peter Muehlenberg and friends.  These guys were insanely faithful to the comic!  Basically word for word and shot for shot.


Alright, well I need to pass out so I can drive in traffic 50 miles to work on the show in the morning.  By the time I wake up, you will have seen this.


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