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Hello again.  We had to post the page a little late today because I got the art to Kailey later than usual and she needed some exra time.  

If you have been following the progress on the print I am working on for the wedding campaign, we've set up a page where you can buy the print all by itself without going into the registry.  You can do that here.  We are going to be selling a special print package soon too, so if you would like the chance to get a pack of a bunch of prints at a better rate, stay tuned for that.  If you simply want this print, and this print alone, click the link.  It is $25 plus shipping and limited only to those who buy it during the wedding campaign through May.  I am also limiting the print run to 200.  Here is the most recent update on the screen print design.  When it is done it will be two colors, 18×24:

Soon I will also be offering the Axe Cop/Earthworm Jim print by Doug TenNapel and me, signed by both of us!



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