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Today's Ask Axe Cop episode comes courtesy of one very dedicated Axe Cop fan named Adam who took the Golden Mustache option on the AxeCopWedding.com registry so that he could become a character in the Axe Cop universe.  I am offering only two good guys and two bad guys, and one good guy has been taken.  There are other options to be in the background at the wedding and in the comic.  Check out the options in the registry to pick something that suits your budget and your desires.  It's a cool gift to give a fan of the comic and it is a gift to me because it helps me pay for my wedding next month.  HUGE thanks to Adam for purchasing the Golden Mustache, and for showing us how Malachai thinks Google works.  Basically, Adam sent me some details about himself:  he works at Google, he got a PHD at Harvard, etc.  Malachai grabbed onto the details he could comprehend and made this character and story up based on that info.


We have two awesome videos to share today!  First, RugBurn is back with another epsiode of the Moon Warriors!


Also, you may remember Peter Muehlenberg and friends' first live action Axe Cop short film from over a year ago.  Well, they have completed the second episode, and once again they have translated the comic almost shot for shot into live action.  Impressive work!  If anyone wants to take the time to make images comparing the shots from this film to the images in the comic, I'd love to post them.  I am just on too much of a time crunch to do it right now.  If you do match up the images, send them my way via email: info@axecop.com
That's all for today.  Planning on continuing Axe Cop Gets Married next week.  See you then!

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