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I finally designed the Axe Cop Wedding Invite!  Here it is.  I called Malachai and we discussed what he would want the invite to say and this is what we came up with.  Having gone through a lot of RSVP hassle lately, the head chopping option sounds great.   If you are one of the people who orders Axe Cop some “Weaponized Poison Flowers” or higher from his Registry, you will be getting this invitation in the mail, signed and sketched on if you opted for that.  This offer will continue through May, and then these won't be avialable any longer.   All proceeds go to pay for my wedding on May 12th, which I still really need to raise some more money for.


And in case you didn't see it yet… the first Axe Cop Animated series trailer is here!




Read the previous blog for more info on this clip and some tidbits about what you are seeing and hearing.  Pretty exciting!



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