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Last night at Wonder Con I was on a panel with other ADHD folk and we premiered a trailer for an episode of Axe Cop titled Zombie Island.  Shortly after it was posted on YouTube, and here it is:


This is definitely exciting for me to finally be seeing the finished animation and to see the reaction online and from the crowd.
A few details and fun facts for true Axe Cop fans about what you see in this clip:
-That is Malachai narrating at the beginning.  When we recorded him, he wasn't quite nailing his lines. I told Nick to put some aviators on him and he nailed his lines once we did that. 
-There is a “Highest Jump” award on the wall in Axe Cop's office.
-The episode previewed here is called “Zombie Island” and it is basically a few pieces of the Ultimate Battle made into a story that is mostly about Dr. Doo, his zombie army and his evil plan to marry the Queen of England.  We decided to save Lobster Man and Hasta Mia for another episode, since these are only 11 minutes long.
-Originally the Zombie Island was just a normal island, until Malachai visited the studio and we told him about it and he said “oh yeah. Zombie Island is in space”.  Nick Weidenfeld immediately told the crew to rework the episode that was already in production to make sure that Zombie Island is in space, because that's awesome.
-The voice of Dr. Doo Doo and Hitler are voiced by the amazing and talented British comedian Peter Serafinowicz.  Flute Cop is voiced by Ken Marino.  Both hit it out of the park.  Both had also been long time fans of Axe Cop and very supportive long before the show began production.
-We consulted with Malachai on this episode quite a bit.  One of the things we called him about was the origin story we came up with for Dr. Doo Doo.  We told him the first part of it, then he stopped us and told us where it should go from there.  It turned out to be the same thing we had written.  It was a nice reassurance we were learning to think like him.
That's all for now.  I hope you guys are as excited for this as I am!

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