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I'm curious if anyone will guess what martial arts film star that is based on in the center panel.  Poor guy.


Rugburn is back with another episode of the Moon Warriors.  I have to admit when they ran this episode past me it didn't dawn on me that it's an INVISIBLE fire shield, therefore you should not be able to see flames.  That is why I tried to draw the ninjas faces burning off without fire on them in the first place (which was super awkward).  I guess we can say that thanks to movie magic the flames are now visible.  Seeing the fire dumptruck in action was as awesome and terrible as expected.  Please enjoy…



Also, here is the latest update on the Wedding Print!  My wedding is only about 3 weeks away!  AGH!!  If you like how this print is looking, please buy it now!  It will help me have some money for my honeymoon.  You can buy the print by itself here, or you can buy it in a package deal here.  Thanks a ton to everyone who has bought one so far.
My other web comic, Bearmageddon, has reached 100 pages.  I am putting it on a small hiatus to focus on my wedding.  Axe Cop will be going on hiatus through May, and in that time I will be welcoming guest episodes to fill the void, so please, if you would like to do an Axe Cop  guest comic, send it to!
Thanks for reading.  See you next week!

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