We’re Back Again!

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It’s good to be back.  I have been trying to cram in and get extra pages done since new pages will be posting and I have a deadline to get this all done for Axe Cop Vol. 5.  The upcoming scene is one of my favorites, as you will be able to see because I spent a lot of time on the art.

Mezco is debuting some summer Axe Cop toys.  A badge, a uni-avocado soldier plush AND a Wexter plush!  A stuffed Wexter to keep you warm at night has to be one of the best things to ever come out of the success of Axe Cop.  I’m excited to see my own step kids cuddle up with these guys.  A picture is below, and go here to order your own now!

See you Thursday!  We are back on our twice a week posting schedule.


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