2 thoughts on “Ask Axe Cop #36

  1. I LOVED the ‘Chicken Little’ song! I only /just/ found out what “Axe Cop” was all about tonight, since they’ve fiiiinally brought Cartoon Network to Canada…and I LOVE it!! But now, I have to put all other things on hold just so I can read your stuff 8D Also, Mr. Ethan sir, -bows head to- Might I.. possibly.. study your art a little, in hopes to improve my own art…? I won’t be stealing anything, I just loved your style and such… We’re about the same age (or I’m just younger) and I’d like to be good enough for a web comic or something someday… -dreamysigh-
    Yours truly — (to both brothers);
    ~Julzyfox ♥

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