Comic Con 2014!

I’m at Comic Con this year in the same place I was last year, booth #1603.  Come say hi, pick up some books, prints, get a drawing… just don’t accidentally leave your warmly gripped sack of deadpool comics on my table.  That seems to happen every year.   No panel this year.  Malachai is not going to be here and I didn’t have anything to show.  If you were hoping for a Q&A or something, come find me at my table and ask me a question.  Problem solved!  For the rest of you who can’t make it to Comic Con, well, that’s fine.  In some ways I envy you.



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3 thoughts on “Comic Con 2014!

  1. Too bad my family and I don’t have the money to go to SDCC this year, cause Comic Con is expensive as for as my Peeps and I know it, but my Family Peeps did say that they’d be okay to buy tickets to Stan Lee’s ComiKaze again. Heck, they all ready like Stan Lee’s ComiKaze as they say its much cheaper than going to Comic Con and Stuff, but my only question is: will you be at ComiKaze again this year? I wonder if Axe Cop Vol.6 will have Axe Cop’s Revenge on Rainbow Girl along with American Choppers?

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