American Choppers Finale and an Update

So, I apologize that updates have pretty much ceased here.  For now, Malachai and I are out of new material.  I think it’s a good time for a break for both of us.  We have been putting out regular comics for nearly 5 years.  We just finished are 6th volume (which will be the American Choppers TPB) and Malachai is 10.  As some of you know, I got a pretty steady and demanding job working on the new Veggie Tales show for Dreamworks coming to NetFlix in December as a writer and story editor.  Between my job and my family, I’ve had to make some choices, and for now Axe Cop has taken a life of its own beyond the comics.

I hope to work on some more Ask Axe Cop episodes when I have time, and I would like to explore other possibilities to continue making Axe Cop stories down the road.  For now, with what little time I have to make comics, I am trying to get volume one of Bearmageddon finally done.  Axe Cop is not over yet, but I’m taking a break for a while.  For now, the American Choppers #1 and 2 are available in comic shops.  Number 3 gets released July 24th.

Thanks for following our work and being faithful to check the site for new material.  I love drawing Axe Cop and look forward to getting back to it after I take some time away.


P.S. No the TV show is not cancelled.  New episodes are being made right now and they are amazing.



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10 thoughts on “American Choppers Finale and an Update

  1. God bless your life Ethan. You’ve done some really cool stuff and given a lot of pleasure. As a father of 5 kids and a through and through family man, I think you’re making the 100% right decision for what is most important in your life.

  2. I already knew that the show wasn’t cancelled, thanks to your prior hints that new episodes were on the way. I am looking forward to the new episodes–and the final of The American Choppers which has been absolutely amazing so far.

  3. I am still laughing at the obese tiger. (Did he mean “Burmese”? Or something else? Or did he actually mean “obese”?)

    Great to hear new episodes are coming. Looking forward to them.

    Enjoy your break; you’ve earned it.

  4. Awesome to hear that you have a job working for Dreamworks. You and Malachai have made an amazing comic for us over the last 5 years, and we really appreciate it.

  5. I already ordered AC vol. 3 and 4 at thanks to my mom helping me, I read AC vol.1 and 2 which I bought at comikaze and I bought AC vol.5 at DreamWorld Comics when I was looking for the first Tintin book that started Herge’s Comic Career, and I can’t wait see Axe Cop Season 2 come out this year, I hope its just the 4th quarter of 2014?

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