Coming May 21st: the American Choppers

Hey chop-aholics!  Sorry for the long delay in new stuff.  I have been really busy with stuff I cannot post online on a regular basis.  Unfortunately I gotta do what pays.  The good news is it is work I love, but for you, you just sit here with a site that never updates.

May 21st, the new Axe Cop miniseries from Dark Horse will be released!  The American Choppers.  This is the first mini-series that actually continues off of the web comic series AND the other miniseries, putting them all into continuity with each other.  While it is officially the follow up to President of the World, it takes place post-Axe Cop Gets Married.

If you will be anywhere near Southern California on May 24th, stop by A Shop Called Quest in Claremont between 2-5pm.  I’ll be signing issues of American Choppers #1!



77 thoughts on “Coming May 21st: the American Choppers

  1. Is Uncle Axe gonna be in this? Like maybe as a wise mentor to the team? If not, I’ll have to ask Uni-Man to wish he was, ’cause that’d be awesome.

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