Guest Episode #47 Axe Cop & Zoom Girl

I have to admit there is a special place in my heart for MS Paint style art.  I’ll never forget when I was first introduced to the concept of drawing on a computer.  My mom, who was attending college, would let me come to the computer lab and use MS Paint on the old black and white screened Apple computers.  I would conceptualize my own platform side scrolling game and draw with a mouse.  Later I would be intrduced to Autodesk Animator on a computer that was in color!  Man this makes me sound really old.  Thanks to Blake and Caitie for the comic today!

Thanks for your patience during this down time.  I would like to get back into doing Ask Axe Cop episodes on a weekly basis once I’ve gotten past this current project.

I wanted to give a shot out to Death Wish Coffee.  The makers of Death Wish are big Axe Cop fans.  They sent me samples of their coffee and I was instantly hooked.  Death Wish has a ton of caffeine in it and claim to be the “World’s Strongest Coffee.”  I personally love a strong cup of coffee, and Death Wish is not only strong, it is good.  So, we made a little deal.  They supply me with coffee, I supply them with ad space.  If you like strong coffee, try it out!

By the way, I will be in Nashville for Free Comic Book Day at Rick’s Comic City!


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9 thoughts on “Guest Episode #47 Axe Cop & Zoom Girl

  1. thank you for posting my Axe Cop Guest Episode on your AC website, Ethan, it means the whole world to me, and it means a lot more to my cousin who wrote this told this story to me, and to be honest I actually drew this Vertical Comic Strip on a piece of paper, 1st: after I finished writing and drawing Axe Cop, I took a picture of it with my Nikkon CoolPix camera. 2nd: I added it to my iphoto Library. and 3rd, I opened up my SBX a.k.a Sketch Book Express and dragged my comic strip onto the SBX to ink and color it digitally which is kinda like a 3 step scanning process if y’know what I’m sayin’? Anyway, Thank you EEF.

  2. I’m Blake’s aunt and Catie’s mom, and I wanted to thank you for putting up their comic on your website. Blake is a 22 year old young man on the autism spectrum with an affinity for art (particularly comics and fan art) and Catie is his biggest fan. They created this together, and both were thrilled beyond belief when we saw this on your site. It means so much to both of them, and our family, for you to put this up. Thanks again!

  3. What do you know, I just discovered that I missed a bunch of guest comics back at the old axe cop site. I think it may have something to do with there being multiple, identical looking pages that link to the Mc.Ninja one.

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