Guest Episide #46 by Cory and Scarlett Kerr

Well, before I mention today’s guest episode I just want to thank Tom, Amelia and Charlotte for their amazing work on Revenge on Rainbow Girl!  I’m really proud of them for what they were able to come up with and I hope we can do more together down the road.  If you did not read RORG, you can read it here.

Tom had said in a previous post that I might be starting American Choppers this week.  No, actually the reason I do not have any new material for you is because I am drawing American Choppers right now and I will be working on it for the next month.  The American Choppers is the new Dark Horse miniseries, so it will not be here on the site.  It will be in print only and will be in stores starting in late May.  It will release as a trilogy, much like Bad Guy Earth and President of the World.

I will see if I can squeeze in an Ask Axe Cop here or there along the way, but in the mean time, if you would like to contribute a guest episode please do!  You can submit the on the Guest Episodes page.  Thanks to Cory Kerr for making today’s guest episode with his four year old daughter Scarlett.  You can check out more of Cory’s work here.

Also, there has been some rumors surrounding the Axe Cop TV series since there were changes announced at FOX ADHD.  I can’t really say anything right now, but the changes as far as I understand them are all good and the new season of Axe Cop will make it to your TV, and it is amazing.  I’ll post more info here once I have it.

Once I have finished drawing the American Choppers, I will need to figure out what to do next.  I am considering taking a break from Axe Cop for a while to pursue some other endeavors, especially finishing book 1 of Bearmageddon.  I don’t think we will ever be finished telling Axe Cop stories, but as Malachai gets older, I think the way we make them will change.  More on that as I get it figured out.  Thanks for reading!


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8 thoughts on “Guest Episide #46 by Cory and Scarlett Kerr

  1. It’s okay, I think we were all prepared for axe cop to.. change someday.. A little interruption would be alright

    also this is hilarious. I hate it when some jerk put a tie on my sword so i can’t draw it.. it’s not like i was gonna chop anyone’s head off unless they were evil!

  2. Well I did post an Axe Cop Fan Comic onto the guest episode submission months ago but I never got any word from Ethan since I decided to post it on DeviantArt instead, but hopefully I’ll come up with an Axe Cop Guest Episode myself, I could write and draw a superhero team up Comic Strip, now then… what can I post onto Axe Cop as a Guest Episode before its too late? Hmm… So Axe Cop is finally getting the Season Renewal it deserves for the upcoming 2nd season despite Fox Making Changes to Fox ADHD.

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