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With apologies to Matt, who requested in the comments last week “On behalf of all Aussies, please please please don’t draw us as the stereotypical, crocodile Dundee version that is so prolific in America.”  First I had already drawn this page when he made this request, and I am drawing Australians as Malachai perceives them through pop culture, not as they really are, and in his mind they all own boomerangs and are good fighters. Not such a bad stereotype as far as stereotypes go.  When I was 17 I worked two jobs (a day job and a night job) to save up and go to Australia and New Zealand.  It was awesome.  I really want to go back.  I’ve been hoping some Comic Convention in Australia would invite me out at some point, but so far no luck.


Well, I don’t push Kickstarters usually unless they are from friends of mine, but I wanted to give this one a boost out of pure fanboy love of the 90’s beat’em up style video game.  I still have a dream that Axe Cop will be made into this kind of game.  River City Ransom is one of the greats, and this sequel looks amazing.

I think that it is also worth mentioning that there are some really awesome t-shirt designs up at MightyFine.  See you Thursday (unless you are a Bearmageddon reader, see you tomorrow!).

[EDIT, 9:28PM EDT: Fixed! No more Vince Vaughn (money!), now it’s Marx Brothers (monkeys). -Doug]

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14 thoughts on “Page 191 – Down Under

  1. I actually didn’t see this plot twist coming. I wondered what had happened to the bully in the beginning, but after a while, figured the bully had no significant role in this comic. I was wrong–and this is brilliant.

  2. The kangaroo is cuffs is a great touch that I missed the first few reads. Kudos for including details for people to pick up on later. As far as the kids losing so quickly, well, it goes with the territory. Part of trying something new is screwing it up the first few times.

  3. As an Australian, I must say that I take great pride in the ABSOLUTE TRUTH in this page.

    Trufax: We are also really good singers.

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