Page 192 – Cauber Helen

Introducing the alien king behind it all, Cauber Helen (pronounced Cobb-er Hell-en).  I remember when I designed this character, I really liked the design but was not really excited to draw it multiple times.  Part of the reason finising this book out became so work intensive.  Here is two of the first concepts I came up with for the character.  I pretty much went with the one that doesn’t look like a whale.



We’re heading into finale territory here!  I’m excited to finish this story out.



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7 thoughts on “Page 192 – Cauber Helen

  1. I’ll be interested to see how axecop tops himself here. last major enemy was defeated by him getting squashed be a whole country. this time, axecop is mad (i’m guessing). perhaps a good old fashioned headchop (including the souls?)

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