Page 200 – Stab!

I love stabbing people with major bodies of water.  Leaves no evidence, it’s clean, refreshing, good for you and the environment… the Water Queen is modeled after my wife in her look, but in this scene she also resembles how thorough and thoughtful she is.


Anyway, as I said last week… I’ll be at Comikaze Expo in Anaheim right at the beginning of November.  You gotta come.


Also, for our next online Axe Cop story line I have a bit of a surprise for you.  More on that soon.




P.S.  Hey, look it’s page 200!  Yay for arbitrary milestones!

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17 thoughts on “Page 200 – Stab!

  1. Congratulations on 200. I guess its fitting that it should feature the MOST random of Malachai’s random ideas on the last panel. I have uttered a delighted WTF many times, but not nearly with the gusto of the accidental death of waffle, french toast, and cinnamon toast people.

  2. How good of the kidnappers to supply the Water Queen with a tasteful, fashionable jumpsuit. ‘Tis sure to tempt cosplayers everywhere.

  3. It’s cool how the Water Queen has been revealed as Axe Cop’s equal, but not in the superficial way Axe Girl was. WQ is equally powerful and awesome, but she is very different in personality, much more patient and compassionate (until she has to kill you). For Axe Cop to fall in love with her reveals some hidden depths in him too. A good match makes both people more than they were apart. But I suspect you know that. 🙂

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