Page 201 – Here We Are Gathered

This page was a project.  Most of you, if you requested to be drawn “at the wedding” are in this picture.  A few people were in previous pages.  Thanks again to everyone who helped me pull that off!


So, I’m sure it is obvious this story is almost over.  What’s next? Well, I’ve got plans.  I will be focusing on the next Dark Horse miniseries “The American Choppers” next, which will be print-only.  But I have two things to keep you busy for at least the next  22 or so weeks after this story ends, and possibly I take a short break between “seasons”.


First, I have drawn Ask Axe Cop  #100, but I have only posted up to #86, so I have 14 of those to post.  I will post one per week after this story ends.


Also, Tom Martin and his niece Charlotte proved themselves to be a great team on guest episodes, so we have decided to team up and let them do a full-length guest story.  If you need a refresher, here is one of the comics they did for us.  More on this project later!


And, as I have said, new episodes on FOX start Nov. 2!


Malachai and I are currently writing the new story and it’s awesome!  I’m excited to draw the insane stuff he’s coming up with.  We have created so much together I often forger how fun it is until I do it again.  Thanks for reading Axe Cop and making it possible for me to have such a cool job.



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25 thoughts on “Page 201 – Here We Are Gathered

      • A couple of these people in the audience paid to be drawn in the audience then never got back to me despite numerous attempts to contact them to get a reference pic. For them, all I could fine were twitter or google profile pics of cartoon characters, so I stuck those in as a tribute to them mystery donors.

  1. Is that… is that a Russian lumberjack with FISTS coming out of his BEARD…???

    I want to read a whole comic about him now. XD

  2. Oh man, I really hope Axe Cop actually does end up getting married at the end of this. I keep expecting some last minute plot twist that throws it out of wack.

  3. You know what would’ve made that battle awesome would be to have mixed everyone ate the wedding with them to just think of how that would look

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