Page 202 – I object!

We are so close to the end it’s crazy!  Next week I post the last page!

I think some of you thought Axe Cop would not actually get married in this story.  I think some of you are worried that Axe Cop being married will ruin him.  I think you’re wrong, but only time will tell.  Axe Cop is always funnier when he has a more sensible, responsible adult type character to keep him in check.  I think him having a wife is going to be great.  And now he also has a baby, named Sam.

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So, see you next week when it all ends!


21 thoughts on “Page 202 – I object!

  1. I’m pretty sure that Hypno-Monkey Boy’s real name was Sam before he transformed.

    Doesn’t that mean Axe Cop has two sons named sam now?

  2. Here’s my interpretation: the second to last panel is still taking place at the wedding. Water Queen is at that very moment informing her new husband that he’s about to become a father again. The last panel is 9 months later, after the baby is born, and they happen to be wearing outfits that look similar to their wedding clothes. You can tell it’s not exactly the same day/clothes because of the length of Axe Cop’s right sleeve (in the later panel it’s not ripped).

  3. When I was a little kid, that is *exactly* how I thought babies were made. (Well, I knew that the mother became pregnant, but I thought women just became pregnant when they got married.)

  4. It’s normally a bad thing when your ex-wife shows up to your wedding with bombs, but in this case it’s a really thoughtful gift.

  5. Doesn’t the phrase usually go “By the power vested in me”, not “invested” ?

    Of course, that’s hardly the craziest thing on the page. So much crazy.

  6. Wait… The Water Queen is already the monarch of the Water Planet! Wouldn’t she need to abdicate first before becoming President? This legal issue is clearly the most unrealistic part of this storyline.

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