Page 199 – Ave Maria

Sorry for the tardy post.  I was not home much today so I did not have a time to get to the computer and post until this ungodly midnight hour.  I love this page, and am happy to finally post it.  Like many Axe Cop pages, it feels like we have been thrown into a different comic suddenly.  Also it’s adorable because the giant murdering sea serpent is named Maria.


I’m going to be at some awesome comic cons this month and next.  Comikaze Expo in Anaheim, CA.  Coast City Comic Con in Portalnd, Maine.  And Thought Bubble Comic Con in Leeds, UK.


November 2nd, new episodes of Axe Cop return to FOX.  I may have already told you that, but I am telling you again.


I’m excited because I got to smoke a cigar with the president of the American Chesterton Society tonight and drill him with questions about my hero, GK.  I know, that is super geeky and hardly any of you even know who Chesterton is, but for me it was awesome.  Even better, his son-in-law was there and is a big Axe Cop Fan.

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20 thoughts on “Page 199 – Ave Maria

  1. Oh man… oh wow… oh man

    That last panel marks the first time in years I’ve just dropped my jaw in awe of the awesomeness. “When Maria bit things, her teeth shot out lasers.” Brilliant, Malachi… brilliant. *clap clap clap*

  2. As I suspected,the Water Queen is actually the most powerful member of the family. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the themed-planet queens won their positions in all-woman fighting tournaments or something.

  3. Aaand it just got real for me. “Yeah yeah, Ethan has been turning out the best thing in comics for the past however long now. Yeah, yeah, Axe Cop is the freshest thing since sliced bread. Wait a minute, he likes GKC???!!! Now you’ve got my attention!!!” Sir, I would not have thought it possible, but you just went up a level in my esteem. And Axe Cop just got way cooler. (Now I expect to see GKC trivia cameo tie-ins, like Thursday-Man or the sentient Flying Inn.)

  4. Please tell me the cigar was an Ave Maria.

    …my men’s group just smokes cigars and has beer & whiskey. I’ve quoted GK before, but I always have to bring up CS Lewis before anyone pays any attention.

    also, hard water laser teeth, FTW!

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