Page 198 – Water and Power

Truly, this has become a family affair.  They are going to have quite a story to tell about their wedding day, I tell ya!  I remember my main thought drawing this scene was “Yes!  please, kill Cauber Helen so I don’t have to draw it ever again!!!”.

Want some good news?  New episodes of Axe Cop are set to air on FOX starting Nov. 2.  That is less than a month away!  I’ve seen a few of them already and I can assure you they are awesome.  The night creatures episode in particular is really well done.

That’s all I have to report right now.  Thanks for reading!





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15 thoughts on “Page 198 – Water and Power

  1. I have always said that one of the strengths of Axe Cop was its great style of onomatopeias, but those you’ve paired with Malachai’s concept of Cauber’s changes are a high point, Ethan. The buildup to “House with Big Long Legs” stopped me from reading for a minute or two.
    That was legitimately inspired.

  2. You know, the mouse transformation is where most shapechanging villains get themselves killed…puss in boots, anyone?

  3. The night creatures… Is that like The Night Monster? I always have to watch out for when the animated series changes the terminology a little.

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