Here’s the Real Bad Guy – Songster page 14

I’m just going to say right now, we have something pretty cool planned for next week. Not just a song, but something else. Something we have never done before. Patreon members got a sneak peek today.

If you follow my Bearmageddon page on Facebook, you may have seen the recent influx of bear memes. Or you may have seen them elsewhere, they are sort of exploding right now. I put some more bear related stuff up in the store.

Also, I may have already mentioned it, but we are converting Bearmageddon to mobile format for Tapas, Tabulit and Webtoon. Download the app or click the links below. If you have never read Bearmageddon, now is a great time to start. This is a great format and really fun to read this way.  You can also find Axe Cop comics on Tabulit. We plan on converting Axe Cop to this format eventually as well.

Read Bearmageddon on:


Next week is a big surprise! See you then.

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3 thoughts on “Here’s the Real Bad Guy – Songster page 14

  1. Hey Ethan, have you and Malachai ever thought of making an Axe Cop/Ninja Turtles crossover, I know the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have had a lot of comic crossovers over the years and I know that they’re recently having a new crossover with usagi again, so why convince Dark Horse and/or IDW to allow you and Malachai to do a crossover with the IDW-Ninja Turtles too, I would just love to see Axe Cop team up with the ninja turtles someday.

  2. [Zod] You know what, Superman? You are right! I can easily terraform Mars instead of Earth, recreate crypton without massive genocide of your new home… And never needing to deal with that weird bat man or the crazy Rex Lutheran or whateverhisnameis.
    [Clark] See? We can aways be reazonable! No needing of cutting heads or breaking necks!
    [Zod] Well… what about that orange supervillain of your country? Will you…
    [Clark] Nooo… That guy is neck break time.

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