Songster #3: Commence Rocking

I’m excited to present you with the first musical page of comics in the history of my comic, and possibly the world.

This is a split song. The second half will come with next week’s page (or you are already jamming out to it if you are a Patreon head chopper).

Thanks for keeping up with Axe Cop. Make sure not to miss the latest Ask Axe Cop about Sockarang’s socks, and if you aren’t reading Bearmageddon, you should.

See you here next week for the next half of the song. You can’t trust a guy with a half mustache. I live by that.



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13 thoughts on “Songster #3: Commence Rocking

    • We started writing it about a year ago, then did more work on it recently. I really like it. I’m excited to keep cranking out pages.

  1. Waaaay back in the year 2004 or 2005 there was a webcomic known as The Life of Riley that had a page or two that had a musical accompaniment for a couple of pages, but It’s cool to see it used here where it is a more direct tie in to the page.

    • Yeah I assume it has been done before. I just like to act like it is the most innovative, unprecedented thing anyone has ever heard of.

  2. It’s freakin’ neat to be part of something that at least pretends it’s some kind of new innovative thing.. I’m feeling it! It’s working on me. Plus Parry Gripp is just great.

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