Ask Axe Cop #103: Ask Sockarang

If the site is looking wonked out for you, I apologize. We are in the middle of a bit of a coding crisis and the site doesn’t like to update instantly. Even when we get it fixed it can take a long time to update changes. I have no idea why, I just draw comics.

It’s the first time Sockarang has been asked a question. Finally we know the truth about his socks. You may remember from Bad Guy Earth that Sockarang’s family was made into sock fighters by the president. You may think there is a continuity error here because Sockarang was actually altered into a sock hero when he was a child and this comic says that after he had been fighting crime for a month, his socks wore out but in the picture he is depicted as a grown man. The reason is obvious. He didn’t start actually fighting crime until he was a grown up. See? Water tight.

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4 thoughts on “Ask Axe Cop #103: Ask Sockarang

  1. Okay, I’ll bite; where the heck did the word “rubario” come from, or was it a nonsense word Malachi just made up out of whole cloth?

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