Ask Axe Cop #104: Morgan Freeman

Perhaps one notable difference is now that Malachai is older, he knows who some of these celebrities are. I am pretty sure his main knowledge of Morgan Freeman is from the narration impression meme videos that are out there.

UPDATE: Good ol’ Dave DeAndrea, the man behind Axe Cop’s voice in the old motion comics sent me this video after he saw this episode. If you want an enhanced reading experience, allow him to read it to you…

If you didn’t see it yet, last Thursday’s page of the Songster (the new Axe Cop storyline) had its first Parry Gripp song posted with it.

Also, as always, if you want this comic in high res, and a week early, consider Patreon. Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Ask Axe Cop #104: Morgan Freeman

  1. It’s funny, when the TV show was first announced (with audio at least), I wasn’t sure about Nick Offerman.. It was my first exposure to him, and I was still used to Dave DeAndrea.. but now Nick’s voice is in my head anytime I read stuff like this.

  2. This is frickin’ hilarious. Narrator’s Disease actually sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. Also, the idea of Morgan Freeman walking around randomly narrating people’s lives in his spare time makes me happy.

  3. I had actually been wondering if these new strips were going to be based on old notes, or if Malachai was still coming up with ideas. Guess I know now.

  4. At least Morgan Freeman got off better than that time someone asked about Chuck Norris. May he rest in peace.

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