Birds of Prey! – The Songster, page 15


I’ve been pretty excited to get to this page because, though it may be a simple game, it is the first Axe Cop game ever and Axe Cop was made for video games. Yes, there is a game. It is still in the works. We were going to release it today but we still need to work out some kinks. So… I released it for beta testing to my $5+ monthly Patreon members. If you want to join up you can play it right now. First person to beat it and send me proof gets a free sumi ink commission. It’s not easy to beat, but it fits in with the storyline if you pull it off.

For the rest of you, the game will be out next week! YEAH! Huge thanks to Erica and Cameron at for making this game a reality, and to Parry Gripp for that awesome song.




3 thoughts on “Birds of Prey! – The Songster, page 15

  1. I thought that was a little anticlimactic.. I guess evil’s a habit it’s kinda easy to slip into.
    This is so awesome!!!! I didnt see this coming at all. Good luck with beta testing.

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