Utimate Zodiac (Songster page 22)

I’m back! As I write this, my new son, Calvin, is screaming his brains out in the other room. He’s actually a pretty calm baby most of the time. He must know I’m trying to get back to work. Thanks for your patience while I took the month of August off.

Enjoy this gem from Parry Gripp. There is one small song left after this, but this is the last big one in the story, so savor it!


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4 thoughts on “Utimate Zodiac (Songster page 22)

  1. That is a fantastic song and a great concept.
    Now you cuddle that baby. You cuddle him rrl good. Then when you can take a break, there’s a typo, a missing ‘a’ before super genius monkey in the sixth word bubble. Then back to cuddling babbu

    • Good catch, ColdFusion. Also, before it goes to print, there’s a missing “a” in panel… seven?… “had hole in” => “had a hole in”

      This music is an incredible enhancement to a comic; thanks for going above and beyond just an amazing strip.

  2. This song is awesome–although I think the carnivorous sheep song was my favorite of the batch.
    Also, enjoy your new baby.
    Me? I’m a dragon–and ironically enough my brother is a dog–which is supposed to be the enemy of the dragon. We get along pretty well though.

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