Big Ball of Disease (The Songster page 21)

When Malachai decided there was a giant ball of disease hidden inside the sun, I decided the best representation of that would be a little homage to Mad Balls, one of my favorite toys in the 80’s. I remember all the gross out 80’s toys with fondness. Garbage Pail Kids, My Pet Monster, Mad Balls… what else? I would like to start a definitive list in the comments. Oh yeah, GAK!

I’m excited about next week’s song and page. I’ve read some of Parry’s lyrics and they are hilarious. See you then!


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6 thoughts on “Big Ball of Disease (The Songster page 21)

  1. Wow, no wonder the sun is so hot! XD!
    I was born in the late 80s so some of the gross out toys I’m familiar with might actually fall into the 90s category–but I recall Creepy Crawlers and a game called Gooey Louie in which the object of the game was to pick the boogers out of his nose–but to be careful not to pick the wrong one or his brain would pop out! (That actually sounds kind of Axe Cop like!) Sadly, as I discovered as a ninth grader, the game was a heck of a lot harder to put together than I thought.
    Oh,and there were Meanie Babies–a parody of Beanie Babies. Those things were gross–with nasty backstories.

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