SQUEAK (The Songster Page 20)

Well, the Songster has 5 more pages and two more songs. After that, I don’t have plans for more Axe Cop material.

I hate to just leave the character sitting around to collect dust. I would like to explore ideas outside of comics, especially a crowd-funded video game. In a couple weeks I will have a new son, so I’ll be taking a small break from work for a month or so anyway. Then I’ll decide what to do next. I would love your ideas.




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8 thoughts on “SQUEAK (The Songster Page 20)

  1. Congrats on the new kid coming, Ethan!

    Question: Any plans to collect the Songster story in some sort of TP with the newest Ask Axe Cops?

    • Thanks! Yeah, well I know I want to release the Songster with all its songs in some way. I haven’t decided how yet.

      As for the other Ask Axe Cop questions, I really would like to do a book of just the Ask Axe Cop episodes and have at least 20 unpublished ones in there, so I might use those for that if I can.

  2. I hope that means “I’m taking a break because I’m not sure what to do next with him” vs “axe-cop is finished” because the world needs axe-cop in it!

    • Mostly the first. I don’t see a benefit to jumping right into another comic. Instead, I want to consider other possibilities.

  3. It’s too bad, I feel like there was such a meteoric rise, then a sudden absence, and we missed out on probably the last of Malachai’s crazy little kid years and now he’s probably working on his own somewhat-more-sane older-kid stories… But hey, new baby! congrats! It’s probably okay to retire Axey at this point, wait a couple years, and start making more comics out of the insanity your own son comes up with. I know I’ll keep reading whatever you put out.

    as for how to repackage the songster saga, I think some manner of simple interactive comic is the way to go. The kind of thing where you click each page to move ahead, just rigging it up so the songs play once you do

    • Yeah the hard part is, most Axe Cop fans are not like you (you are the best kind). Most don’t check in on each update, comment, keep up with what is happening. Most people like it for the first comic and that is where it ends.

      Looking back, I wish I hadn’t let the craziness of the TV show and getting that job at Dreamworks take over my life so much that I abandoned the comic, but it was a lot to handle. In the end, I think getting six volumes out of Malachai’s childhood, especially living so far apart, is a great work in itself. I’m proud of it and, if nothing else, I hope to make a complete Axe Cop hardcover at some point just to put it all in one volume.

      I still want to make an Axe Cop video game. Some day.

      • man I hear that. There aren’t enough comedic games that don’t go full Rare and make everything untenably boingy. All I ask is a little Earthworm Jim kinda action, yknow?

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