Page 186 – Straw Men

Unfortunately the Water Queen is a sucker for a straw man argument, and cuteness, so she dove right into whatever this situation turns out to be.

Sorry for the late post!  I completely spaced on posting this week, I was so excited I finished drawing Axe Cop Gets Married and have been working on the other odds and ends I need to complete to get the book done.  I forgot to post Bearmageddon on Wednesday as well.  Sheesh.  Last night I realized around 11pm that I had forgotten to post a new page, so I decided I would do it once my wife fell asleep, but then I passed out with her.  Staying up intil 4am working every night caught up to me.

So here it is, better late than never.

Saturday night is the summer finale for Axe Cop.  This will possibly be the strangest episode, incorporating elements of the Axe Cop universe like the coconut eating rabbit and the Axe Cop learn-outs into one story.  I have not seen this one yet, but I will be live tweeting it from the FOXADHD twitter account during the West Coast airing.

Also, have you kept up with the series on Rug Burn?  This is a separate series from the FOX series.  Rug Burn animates the comics and adds audio, so it is straight from the comics and not adapted or changed.  Below is the latest episode, the epic scene where Uni-Man emits mass amount of unicorn horn.


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12 thoughts on “Page 186 – Straw Men

  1. You know, with the last panel, and some of the other ones, the way you draw women’s faces is reminiscent of artist Kevin Maguire (which is a good thing, actually – I was a big fan of his run on Justice League many moons ago.)

  2. I like how the first comment implies she won’t get damseled instantly.

    Haven’t you guys been paying attention? Malachai is too immature to see his habitus, and Ethan… Well, he’s also very immature. That’s part of the charm of this comic, though.

    Lets just wait for the father figure to rescue her shortly. With violence. And mustaches.

  3. For a while I thought the straw men had “bad guy” faces and the little girl had a good “guy face.” Looking more carefully, the straw men aren’t truly grimacing, and the girl has more of a baby face than a good guy face.

    I like how the idea of fighting an army doesn’t faze the Queen at all. She’s powerful enough that she’s planning on doing this without leaving the room.

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