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Welcome back!  Well, we aired the “summer finale” on Saturday, an Axe Cop episode based on a number of Ask Axe Cop episodes including #18 (Learn Outs), #46 (World Records), and #43 (The rabbit).  Don’t worry, this is not the end.  This is a season break though.  We have another 6 episodes in production.  If you didn’t see the episode, here it is!


I wanted to promote a project my good friend is behind.  It’s a tabletop RPG called Raiders of R’Lyeh and he’s trying to Kickstart it:


Other than that?  I’m just trying to keep on top of everything.  I’m behind on an Axe Cop book deadline and the TV show is becoming demanding again.   Thanks for reading!





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13 thoughts on “Page 187 – Warm Ice

  1. I liked this episode. It mixed a lot of random things but it worked. It had bits from Axe Cop gets married, really recent stuff, but it also had references to stuff from as far back as episode 3!

  2. Wow, it took three times longer than I predicted for her to be damseled.

    I wonder if they at least somehow see an inconsistency between killing a whole planet in seconds and being rendered helpless by the good ol’ arm grab.

    Ok, I’ll get out of the boys’ case now. Just remember: the less you notice it the more powerful it gets.

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