Page 187 – Warm Ice

Welcome back!  Well, we aired the “summer finale” on Saturday, an Axe Cop episode based on a number of Ask Axe Cop episodes including #18 (Learn Outs), #46 (World Records), and #43 (The rabbit).  Don’t worry, this is not the end.  This is a season break though.  We have another 6 episodes in production.  If you didn’t see the episode, here it is!


I wanted to promote a project my good friend is behind.  It’s a tabletop RPG called Raiders of R’Lyeh and he’s trying to Kickstart it:


Other than that?  I’m just trying to keep on top of everything.  I’m behind on an Axe Cop book deadline and the TV show is becoming demanding again.   Thanks for reading!





Page 186 – Straw Men

Unfortunately the Water Queen is a sucker for a straw man argument, and cuteness, so she dove right into whatever this situation turns out to be.

Sorry for the late post!  I completely spaced on posting this week, I was so excited I finished drawing Axe Cop Gets Married and have been working on the other odds and ends I need to complete to get the book done.  I forgot to post Bearmageddon on Wednesday as well.  Sheesh.  Last night I realized around 11pm that I had forgotten to post a new page, so I decided I would do it once my wife fell asleep, but then I passed out with her.  Staying up intil 4am working every night caught up to me.

So here it is, better late than never.

Saturday night is the summer finale for Axe Cop.  This will possibly be the strangest episode, incorporating elements of the Axe Cop universe like the coconut eating rabbit and the Axe Cop learn-outs into one story.  I have not seen this one yet, but I will be live tweeting it from the FOXADHD twitter account during the West Coast airing.

Also, have you kept up with the series on Rug Burn?  This is a separate series from the FOX series.  Rug Burn animates the comics and adds audio, so it is straight from the comics and not adapted or changed.  Below is the latest episode, the epic scene where Uni-Man emits mass amount of unicorn horn.


Page 185 – Wedding Day

I can’t believe we have finally reached the wedding day in the comic.  I completely forgot to post today because I had some meetings and was not home all day.  Here is your page, better late than never.  I brought my new Windows Surface with me today, and every time I ended up sitting and waiting, I worked, and I managed to get 3/4 of the final page of this story completed!  I am in love with my Surface with Manga Studio installed.  It is the portable drawing tablet I always dreamed of.


The 5th episode of Axe Cop aired on Saturday.  Originally I wrote the first draft of the outline for this one.  A good amount changed, but this is a great episode.  It definitely brings out the darker, weirder side of Axe Cop which is creepy and hilarious.  There were a couple little details in this episode I was not crazy about, but in general I loved it.

I like this episode especially because it is not a story taken directly from the comics.  It just takes elements and makes a new episode, and that is fun to see come together.  I like the take on Bad Santa too.  Cobras on his sleigh, I am proud to say, was my idea.  We called Malachai to ask him what Bad Santa’s plan is and Malachai said without skipping a beat “to kill God and become Jesus.”  He said it like it was so obvious we shouldn’t even have had to ask.  Also, the ending is from an unused answer to an Ask Axe Cop question.  Someone asked what the best day, and worst day of Axe Cop’s life was.  Malachai said the day his parents died.  He was sad they died, but happy he didn’t have to eat candy canes any more.  Then he said he was just medium, but it was the happiest he has ever been… in my notes was the line “medium is the happiest I’ll ever be.”  I never made it into a comic, but it worked so well in this episode I’m glad we got to use it.  It was such a dark, weird answer.  It fit here nicely.

Oh yeah, and some of you guessed it last week, I did the voice of the Chubby doll in the babysitting episode.  In the Bad Santa episode, I was the voice of the upset merman.

Next Saturday is the last episode of the first set of 6!  It’s the summer finale.  I’m excited to see this episode, starring the rabbit who walks and eats coconuts. Don’t worry, another 6 are already being produced, but as of now I have no clue when they will air.

Oh yeah!  And the first appearances of some of my Axe Cop Wedding contributors are appearing here.  Above we have Adam Juda (aka Dr. Googleman) and Garth Matthams on the left.  Also, Thor the Bassett Hound.