Page 200 – Stab!

I love stabbing people with major bodies of water.  Leaves no evidence, it’s clean, refreshing, good for you and the environment… the Water Queen is modeled after my wife in her look, but in this scene she also resembles how thorough and thoughtful she is.


Anyway, as I said last week… I’ll be at Comikaze Expo in Anaheim right at the beginning of November.  You gotta come.


Also, for our next online Axe Cop story line I have a bit of a surprise for you.  More on that soon.




P.S.  Hey, look it’s page 200!  Yay for arbitrary milestones!

Page 194 – Ultro Power

When Malachai suggested this, I assumed “Ultro Power” was a real thing from a cartoon on TV.  I tried to Google it and could not find it anywhere, so hopefully we are clear of copyright infringement.  Super Hypno Monkey Bat Man is enough of a risk.  Anyway, never underestimate the power of a good high five.


I got to see a couple episodes from the next season of Axe Cop and they’re awesome.  I have to admit, these were episodes I did not get to be as involved with as I wanted to be, but I think they nailed it.  The next season airs in November, so get ready!



Page 193 – Chunk

Chunk is a sound right?  I think it is.

Well, on we go.  I don’t know if I should feel shame or pride for the combination of dialog and sound effects on panels one and two, but I simply couldn’t help myself. has posted even more awesome Axe Cop shirts.  They just keep coming!



I recently got to see one of the new Axe Cop episodes coming to FOX in November, when we start showing new ones again.  It’s so good!

Also, I went to Rose City Comic Con this weekend in Portland, OR and had a great time.  Malachai came too, and so did Kailey, our colorist.  It was fun meeting so many people who really love our comics.

Well, more Thursday.  See you then!



Page 192 – Cauber Helen

Introducing the alien king behind it all, Cauber Helen (pronounced Cobb-er Hell-en).  I remember when I designed this character, I really liked the design but was not really excited to draw it multiple times.  Part of the reason finising this book out became so work intensive.  Here is two of the first concepts I came up with for the character.  I pretty much went with the one that doesn’t look like a whale.



We’re heading into finale territory here!  I’m excited to finish this story out.



MISSING PAGE! Page 183B – Toast

Well, this is weird.  I have been buried, working until 4 or 5 in the morning every day trying to get my next batch of Axe Cop comics done.  In the scramble I didn’t even realize that I had skipped a page of the story.  I think it made sense with out it, but you get a little more details with it.  So this page was supposed to post right after Axe Cop and the Water Queen go to Jauber Willer to let him know they are getting married and they revise the invites (episode #183).  I’ll post this as a new page for now, then in a week or so I’ll have Doug S. reorder the page where it belongs, because I have no idea how to do that.


This actually worked out, because I noticed I did not have the colors for today’s page due to an upload error. So here you go… the missing page!



Page 187 – Warm Ice

Welcome back!  Well, we aired the “summer finale” on Saturday, an Axe Cop episode based on a number of Ask Axe Cop episodes including #18 (Learn Outs), #46 (World Records), and #43 (The rabbit).  Don’t worry, this is not the end.  This is a season break though.  We have another 6 episodes in production.  If you didn’t see the episode, here it is!


I wanted to promote a project my good friend is behind.  It’s a tabletop RPG called Raiders of R’Lyeh and he’s trying to Kickstart it:


Other than that?  I’m just trying to keep on top of everything.  I’m behind on an Axe Cop book deadline and the TV show is becoming demanding again.   Thanks for reading!





Page 183 – Planning

I know that you read one or two pages per week, so maybe you forgot about the scene where Jauber talks about how they are trying to create an evil planet but they need to supply it with water somehow.  Well, that happened, and that look Jauber and Zelda are giving one another is why.  I know I shouldn’t have to explain this, but I think if you read the comic all at once it will make more sense.  I think if you read updates as they come you may miss that detail.

That wedding invitation up there is headed to your home if you ordered anything from me on the Axe Cop Wedding campaign.  I just dropped all that stuff off at at the post office yesterday.  I apologize for how long it took, but it feels so good to basically be done with that.

Did you see Axe Cop on Saturday night?  I love this episode, it is so much fun.  It’s very close to the original source material:  Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby.  We swapped some characters around, but content wise I actually like this execution better than the original.  I think Sockarang is hilarious as Axe Cop’s side kick on this adventure, and since the Uni-Family hasn’t been introduced into the TV show yet, Flute Cop and his wife are great as her adopted parents.  I voiced a character in this episode.  Can you guess which one?



Next week is an episode I haven’t even seen yet.   Bad Santa!  I’m looking forward to it.