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I know that you read one or two pages per week, so maybe you forgot about the scene where Jauber talks about how they are trying to create an evil planet but they need to supply it with water somehow.  Well, that happened, and that look Jauber and Zelda are giving one another is why.  I know I shouldn’t have to explain this, but I think if you read the comic all at once it will make more sense.  I think if you read updates as they come you may miss that detail.

That wedding invitation up there is headed to your home if you ordered anything from me on the Axe Cop Wedding campaign.  I just dropped all that stuff off at at the post office yesterday.  I apologize for how long it took, but it feels so good to basically be done with that.

Did you see Axe Cop on Saturday night?  I love this episode, it is so much fun.  It’s very close to the original source material:  Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby.  We swapped some characters around, but content wise I actually like this execution better than the original.  I think Sockarang is hilarious as Axe Cop’s side kick on this adventure, and since the Uni-Family hasn’t been introduced into the TV show yet, Flute Cop and his wife are great as her adopted parents.  I voiced a character in this episode.  Can you guess which one?



Next week is an episode I haven’t even seen yet.   Bad Santa!  I’m looking forward to it.



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17 thoughts on “Page 183 – Planning

  1. If Axe Cop has Bad Guy detecting glasses, why doesn’t he just wear them all the time? Sure would have been a good idea to have worn them for THIS scene, eh? 😉

  2. Oh, so Flute Cop and his wife are Uni-baby’s adopted parents. I was a bit confused when I saw the episode, thinking that the tv show had decided to write out Uni-Man and make Flute Cop and his wife Uni-baby’s parents.

    Also, I loved that opening when Axe Cop chops off Michael Jackson’s girlfriend from the opening of the Thriller video’s head.

  3. Awesome! Just got my stuff today.
    Hadn’t seen the latest page yet, so I was pleasantly surprised by the clever invitation change.

  4. Sockarang did indeed make that a fun episode. I just wish I knew why Fox’s official episode descriptions call him “Dr. Rang”.

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