MISSING PAGE! Page 183B – Toast

Well, this is weird.  I have been buried, working until 4 or 5 in the morning every day trying to get my next batch of Axe Cop comics done.  In the scramble I didn’t even realize that I had skipped a page of the story.  I think it made sense with out it, but you get a little more details with it.  So this page was supposed to post right after Axe Cop and the Water Queen go to Jauber Willer to let him know they are getting married and they revise the invites (episode #183).  I’ll post this as a new page for now, then in a week or so I’ll have Doug S. reorder the page where it belongs, because I have no idea how to do that.


This actually worked out, because I noticed I did not have the colors for today’s page due to an upload error. So here you go… the missing page!



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16 thoughts on “MISSING PAGE! Page 183B – Toast

  1. I actually like that the page went “missing” because before then we had no idea that “Pink Flower” was actually Laubber in disguise.

    Anyhow–I love the planets with all the breakfast foods, I guess Malachai was hungry.

    • I agree with Glowworm: this page actually works better here than between 183 and 4. Not only do we not know that Pink Flower girl is Laubber, but we also don’t know that the straw men are good guys. Just make this page a flashback and it will all work out fine.

  2. I like the subtle foreshadowing that occurs when the comic is as-is. This arrangement of comics is perfect– a lucky mistake!

  3. I love the look on the waffle’s face in the middle panel. So happy to be alive and tasty. Hope Axe Cop manages to liberate the breakfast planets and the straw-men in the end.

  4. I think it actually works here.
    also i love how thanks to cereals, cinnamon toast has been put into the same genre as waffles and french toast. Pancakes have been bumped off.. sorry pancakes.

  5. No! This is actually pretty much perfect!! I think you should put it right after episode 187, where Lady Laubber reveals her identity and her dastardly plan. The only thing you’d have to change about the page is instead of saying “Later…” at the top, it could say “Earlier….”

  6. I love the segment where it is. It actually makes for a better story if we don’t know Laubber’s plan till after she’s executed it.

  7. I would also like to jump on the bandwagon and suggest that this page works exceptionally well here, or possibly right after #187.

    Also, I have never seen cinnamon toast look so happy.

  8. Haha I also agree this works better as a flashback. The result of the flower girl being evil and the straw men being good guys was actually surprising. It was a good twist. With this being the flashback plan explanation.

    It’s up to you how you organize it though.

  9. While it’s ultimately your call, Ethan, I really must agree with the chorus – the current page ordering is much better dramatically when the readers don’t know about the cute girl’s true identity right away.

    • Yes, this way, we all suspect Some Random Guy Named Larry instead, since no one knows who he is; he just showed up.

  10. I love the comic and the tv show please keep up the AWESOME work! It’s a great comic! I love the show too but I just don’t like how they changed some things like, Axe cops orgins and such. Or when will flute cop become Dinosaur soilder?! Anyway I love it thanks for the great comic. I hope you and Malachai live long and awesome lives.

  11. This page is better off here rather than earlier due to the spoiled twist. Your little mistake makes the chapter a whole lot better.

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