Page 194 – Ultro Power

When Malachai suggested this, I assumed “Ultro Power” was a real thing from a cartoon on TV.  I tried to Google it and could not find it anywhere, so hopefully we are clear of copyright infringement.  Super Hypno Monkey Bat Man is enough of a risk.  Anyway, never underestimate the power of a good high five.


I got to see a couple episodes from the next season of Axe Cop and they’re awesome.  I have to admit, these were episodes I did not get to be as involved with as I wanted to be, but I think they nailed it.  The next season airs in November, so get ready!



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10 thoughts on “Page 194 – Ultro Power

  1. Well, at least they didn’t have to learn to do the Fusion Dance from Dragon Ball Z. Might have been one risk too far. 😛

    Super-Hypno Monkey Bat Man. Try saying that ten times, fast.

  2. Really liking the Adam West Batman vibe going on here with the sound effects! Is Axe Cop getting punched in the first panel, or doing a super backflip-dodge like the secret ninja he really is?

  3. Continuity error! Monkey Boy and Super Bat Boy are reaching out their right and left hands (respectively) but then the next panel has them joining left and right!!!!!11!!!eleventy!


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