Page 196 – Family Unity

It’s time ramp up the father/son team up power again, with more Ultro power high fives.  I’d just like to acknowledge and thank Johnathan Mastron and Matthew Sargent who helped Kailey flat these last pages  so we could meet the book deadline on this.  Also, of course, thanks to Kailey for choosing to color something so insane.  This bad guy is gross!


I’d also like to say that I’m really happy Bunky is on the team now. I’d like to see him become his own super hero and maybe he and his new adopted brothers could join Junior Cobbb on a mission.


All this instant family stuff is reflective of our own family and I think it is really great.  Malachai has welcomed a lot of new people into the family because of marriages and stuff, and it’s great to be ready and excited to call someone a relative.  I think family is much more a spiritual thing than a genetic thing, and our mixed up and random family is definitely proof.


Thanks for reading, if you live in Nebraska I just might see you this weekend!





14 thoughts on “Page 196 – Family Unity

  1. Dude, this monster design knocked it out of the park. You need to send Mignola this sequence and get him to let you do an issue of BPRD. I love how plant-like Cauber is, like he’s got roots growing throughout the planet and that’s why he needs the Water Queen.

  2. Was Malachai enumerating the eyes, claws, and tentacles in great detail, or was this mostly off-the-cuff? (I’m reminded a little of the big nasty thing in Bad Guy Earth.)

  3. “Then they all high-fived and magic started happening.”

    A more apt sentence I have never heard. I can’t wait to see what magic you guys come up with next!

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